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The Francis B. Vedder society is for dentists and lab technicians with an interest in high quality fixed prosthodontics continuing education.

The Society offers two levels of membership:



Application Criteria
  1. Attendance as a guest at two regular meetings of the Society within a two year period or by the presentation of a table clinic or lecture before the Society.
  2.  Attendance at postgraduate or graduate courses equivalent to a minimum of five days (40 hours).  The course or courses must be in the field of Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics or other closely related fields acceptable by the Executive Board.  Attendance as a guest at regular meetings of the Francis B. Vedder Society does not qualify for the five days (40 hours) course requirement.  Candidates actively teaching Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics at a School of Dentistry shall automatically be considered for membership.
Application Procedure
  1.  A completed application form should be submitted to the Membership Chair.
  2.  Click here to download the application
  3.  Two letters of recommendation from current members are to be submitted.
  4.  Application must be submitted by November 1st and will be voted on by the Executive Board at the November meeting.
Download Application Form
Application Criteria
A member is eligible to achieve Life Member status when he or she has achieved the following:

  1.  A dues paying member for 20 or more consecutive years.
  2.  65 years of age or older
  3.   Submit a completed application before November 1st.

The application is reviewed at the November meeting of the Executive Board.  After a candidate has paid the upcoming year’s dues, a life membership certificate will be presented at the Spring Meeting.

There are no subsequent annual dues for life members.  There will be a published lunch fee for those attending meetings.

Application Procedure
  1. The applicant can obtain an application from the Secretary or Membership Chairman, or the application can be downloaded here.

  2. The applicant is to return the completed application to his/her sponsor, who will then attach two letters of recommendation from current members and return them to the Membership Chairman. Applications may also be emailed to the Vedder Society Membership Chair.

  3. Applications will be acted on by the Executive Board during their December meeting.

Download Application Form

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